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The Lacanian Review, n° 9

An interrogation at the crossroads of the barrier of beauty and anguish that has gripped the planet when facing coronavirus. Aesthetics and environment provide interpretations of the same object cause: as Lacan says, “the Lethal factor”. In this issue you will find psychoanalysis multiplying perspectives. This volume features a bilingual version French-English of fundamental texts of Jacques Lacan and Jacques-Alain Miller.


Entre jouissance de l’Un et nouvelle alliance toute contingente avec la pulsion, ce numéro rassemble diverses contributions concernant la passe, l’outrepasse, la féminité et les addictions.

The Lacanian Review. Hurly-Burly n°1

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The Lacanian Review It’s all kinds of new!   New? Well, not so new – the journal of the New Lacanian School continues on from Hurly-Burly and stimulates debates around the main events of our working community. New? Well, yes, very new – it is now also the Anglophone Journal of the World Association of Psychoanalysis and contributes to […]