Dear Colleagues:

The European Forum of Turin on Decided desires of democracy in Europe, that took place in Turin on Saturday, November 18, has successfully inaugurated a new moment in the action of the Freudian Field and in  the Euro Federation of Psychoanalysis in Europe. Strongly proposed by Jacques-Alain Miller as a key moment in Zadig’s initiatives in Europe, it has been an experience of great impact in the context of Italian reality, including at the level of public visibility.

The excellent coordination, guaranteed by the leadership of Rosa Elena Manzetti, and the great work at all levels of the organization of the analytical community of Turin, have been the solid foundation on which the success of the Forum has been possible. To this has been added the fluid and constant network carried out between the EFP, the WAP, the SLP as well as the local authorities of the analytical community of Turin and Piedmont.

A large number of participants, 460 people not only from Italy but also from several countries of our continent and beyond, has followed with great interest -and until the end- the interventions of the speakers and the debate that has taken place, in this debate the participants from outside of the field of psychoanalysis have allowed themselves to be involved in an authentic way. On the other hand, the Forum itself had been preceded by a rich and passionate online debate on the EFP list, having in mind the particularity of the current European momentum, in which very distant positions have found an opportunity to express themselves, such as those on the subject even incandescent of the political situation in Catalonia.

The Forum has made possible the emergence of a question promoted by Lacanian psychoanalysis, with politicians, jurists, philosophers, intellectuals, people from the universities involved in these issues, about difficult topics such as the crisis of representative democracy, the exaltation of populism, the forclusive effects of scientism over subjectivity, the impasse of desire in a world – that of contemporary capitalism – that mandates fundamentally to enjoy the object of consumption. And at the same time, has been addressed the topic of the feminization of contemporary democracy, with its core beyond the father and its plural nature, and what this implies for us today in terms of disorientation but also in terms of passion.

This Forum will be –perhaps- remembered link to a notion still to work at, a notion that Jacques-Alain Miller has proposed and that Eric Laurent has taken up in the preparatory debate, putting it at the center of Turin’s work: desire – or better the desires – of democracy. From today Turin will be perhaps associated, in the Freudian Field, in addition with the Theory of the School as Subject, also with the desire of democracy, as a concept still in fieri introduced by Jacques-Alain Miller, contribution of psychoanalysis of Lacanian orientation to the public debate on the malaise of contemporary culture.

It will be important for us to reread carefully what has emerged from this Forum, through the publication of the papers that have been presented in Turin.

Now we have a second appointment: Saturday, February 24th in Rome. The foreigner, and the burning issue of immigration, will be at the center of the next European Forum. Appointment that can’t be missed!


Domenico Cosenza                                                                      Milan, 23 novembre 2017

EFP Président