European Congress of Psychoanalysis
Brussels, the 3rd & 4th of July 2021

Wanting a Child?
Desire for Family and Clinic of Filiations


Direction : Dominique Holvoet

Commission d’organisation naissante : Anne Debecker, Astrid Lacroix, Cécilia Naranjo, Céline Aulit, Céline Danloy, Claire Piette, Guy Poblome, Katty Langelez, Marta Gonzalez, Nathalie Crame, Phénicia Leroy, Thomas Roïc, Thomas Van Rumst, Véronique Pipers, Virginie Leblanc
et beaucoup d’autres à venir

Avec le soutien et la participation du bureau de l’EFP : Domenico Cosenza (président), Maria Bolgiani (secrétaire), Alide Tassinari (trésorière)


Desire for Family and Clinic of Filiations

From 1938 Jacques Lacan poses the human family as an institution (1). The frantic attempts to reduce it to a biological fact are part of a lost cause aimed at protecting the natural order of the real, particularly in relation to the questions of reproduction and sexuality. The illusion of a so-called natural family has been shattered from the moment that science impacted on nature and the real therein escaped, provoking great disorder in the traditional structures of human experience. It is against the background of these mounting impasses that Jacques-Alain Miller, in 2012, called for an updating of our analytical practice (2).