Annuaire des Régions EFP

Mental n°43

Croyances et psychanalyse.

Ruses, diableries, tentatives d’absolutions et l’inédit de la psychanalyse par son enseignement, son expérience et sa clinique se rencontrent ici. Ce numéro 43 aborde la question des croyances, lesquelles, dans le monde contemporain, peuvent devenir une foire nous enseigne Lacan.


European Congress of Psychoanalysis
By video conference – 3 et 4 juillet 2021

Wanting a Child?
Desire for Family and Clinic of Filiations


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Congrès PIPOL 10

3 et 4 juillet 2021

En vidéoconférence

Congress of the SLP

29-30 Maggio 2021

En vidéoconférence

Congress of the NLS

Saturday 22/05 – sunday 23/05

En vidéoconférence


The EuroFederation of Psychoanalysis (EFP) was created in 2010, succeeding the FEEP and the EEP. It is the federation of the four Lacanian Schools of psychoanalysis of the WAP situated within Europe.
It represents a large community of practitioners oriented by the psychoanalysis of Freud and Lacan, beyond the reach of the Schools.
The EFP is attentive to the normative and regulatory pressure exerted on ‘psy’ practices in the various European countries and is committed to defending the particularity of speech practices and the singularity of what each one of us deploys in the therapeutic experience.


The Lacanian Review, n° 8

The Lacanian Review, n° 8

An interrogation at the crossroads of the barrier of beauty and anguish that has gripped the planet when facing coronavirus. Aesthetics and environment provide interpretations of the same object cause: as Lacan says, “the Lethal factor”. In this issue you will find psychoanalysis multiplying perspectives. This volume features a bilingual version French-English of fundamental texts of Jacques Lacan and Jacques-Alain Miller.

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